Welcome to New Life Holding a Premium Medical Equiment Company

Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8am to 9pm
  Contact : +49-157-359-99657


NewLife Holding Medical Equipment is a new age company that deals in the supply and installation of all kinds of medical equipment.

Our machines include, ECGs, MRIs, CAT Scanners, Particle Accelerators and general medical equipment. We help hospitals realize their technological goal through our expertise, experience and commitment towards bridging the gap between man and technology.

We specialize on the supply of high end diagnostic equipment, medical monitors and all kinds of medical equipment. Our goal is to realize the dreams and aspirations of BMETs and hospitals by executing highly technical contracts with expertise.

One of the millennial goals of humanity is the provision of quality health care to everyone without distance being a problem.

At NewLife Holdings Medical Equipment, we take this goal to heart as we are available to deliver and install these machines anywhere in the world. Our founding principle has been to give humanity a chance at survival and we have been able to do this through our various works around the globe.

As they say, “health is wealth”, we bring you this health to enable you to be able to reach your full potentials.

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